“Emergency Fund for Assistance to Women and Children Victims of the War in Ukraine” 2022

Funding organization: Bulgarian Fund for Women / The Fund

Duration: 01/05/2022 – 31/08/2022

Beneficiaries: Women and children displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Overall objective: This project aims to implement psychosocial assessments and support women and children from Ukraine. A team of a social worker and an interpreter will meet, inform and assess the vulnerability of the arriving families. Financial support for medical examinations, tests, food vouchers, purchase of medicines, baby diapers and food, formula milk, etc. is included. Regarding the individual needs of each person seeking support from us, the team will inform and direct to other organizations and social services.

Specific objectives:

  • Support for mothers and children from Ukraine by providing humanitarian aid;
  • Improving their physical, psychological and material conditions and preventing the occurrence of certain physical or mental illnesses;
  • Providing access to basic medical services, translation and accompaniment to specialists.

Activities: The project envisages activities related to improving the physical, psychological and material condition of the beneficiaries, prevention of certain physical or mental illnesses, provision of necessary medicines, humanitarian aid and information necessary for their protection.

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