Advocacy and lobbying

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Very often the cases that come to the organization through the Social Mediation Program or through the Humanitarian Support Program are complex, multifaceted and the process of working on them requires finding solutions and cooperation, both with other organizations in the field and with NGOs providing social services in the community. The gathering at the operational level of specialists working directly with refugees and asylum seekers provides an opportunity to discuss in one to three workshops the most important steps in a given case, to assign roles and tasks, and to work towards rapid achievement. of results for the most urgent needs.

The multidisciplinary approach to work also provides space for so-called advocacy through work on individual cases. The achieved results and the developed guidance mechanism are formed as a good practice and serve to improve access to services and inter-organizational cooperation and, if necessary,.

Our lobbying activities are related to initiating constructive proposals for high-level integration policies, together with a wide range of partner organizations.

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