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The initiatives and projects developed by the “Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria” over the past 15 years are possible thanks to the joint efforts and contributions of a wide range of people, far beyond our team. Our long-term and short-term partnerships cover both international organizations and their respective branches in Bulgaria, as well as local associations, trade companies and individuals.

Together with our partners from the non-governmental sector we are developing a series of initiatives, among which are social groups for children, women and men, supported by several of our main projects – respectively by our partners UNHCR, UNICEF Bulgaria, Teles International Public Board in Bulgaria , as well as with the support of the European Asylum, Migration, Integration Fund (FUMI) and the Ministry of Interior.

Both for larger international organizations and for novice NGOs and informal groups / civil society / at the local level, the partnership with the “Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria” in support of asylum seekers and refugees provides an opportunity to work with a loyal partner with many years of experience in the field, which knows first hand the specifics and needs of the beneficiaries and can identify effective measures for support and integration.

Individual donors

For individuals, the ways to partner with CRWB are volunteering, material or financial donations. Anyone who wants to be our volunteer could be involved in our activities in connection with the collection, sorting and distribution of donations, as well as with their professional skills and experience - for example, with translation from and into Arabic and Persian. For more information, you can read our article "Be a volunteer" or contact us directly.

Corporate donors

For corporate donors it is possible to support specific projects, campaigns and initiatives, corporate donation and payroll donation, and of course, last but not least, the option to develop an individual joint project to be implemented by our team within a specific program. for CSR. The payroll consists of the selection of a specific amount, which is deducted monthly from the employee's remuneration and is directed to a cause chosen by him or at the team level.

Supporting our causes brings other benefits besides pure moral satisfaction. Tax reliefs for donors, given the nature of our business, can reach up to 5% of the tax base for individual donors and up to 10% of the positive accounting financial result for legal entities.

CRWB focuses on the promotion and positive image of our partners by including them in all our communication materials and platforms, and the inclusion of their logos at will. The goals we strive for with this go beyond pure PR – for us it is essential that the good reaches the widest possible range of people, touches their hearts and inspires them.

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The need has faces, but no nationality. The manner of donation is as important as the act itself. Solidarity only makes sense when emotions are combined with reason and trust is not broken, but preserved and stimulated.