Expert activity

Humanitarian support

With us, refugees and asylum seekers can receive basic necessities, depending on the situation in which they find themselves.

Social mediation

Through the social mediation program, asylum seekers are given access to social support.

Trainings and seminars

CRWB brings together various specialists working directly with refugees and seeking protection for trainings and seminars on current issues.


The multidisciplinary approach to work also provided space for so-called advocacy through work on individual cases.


What can we do to help?

Our experts in the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria work in the areas of Social Mediation and Lobbying and Advocacy. We organize and conduct internal trainings for the team, specific trainings for professionals, develop new advocacy activities for the organization in individual cases.

Internal guidelines for working on cases of gender-based or domestic violence, domestic violence, physical, mental and sexual violence have been developed in the framework of guiding documents, according to which our team works with its beneficiaries – both directly through mediation and counseling, and and indirectly, by notifying the competent public authorities.

Our expert team is also developing an internal methodology for working with refugees and asylum seekers, which includes the specifics of social assessment, prioritization of needs, work plan and scope of referrals. The methodology takes into account both cultural differences, the history of traumatic events and the specific current situation of people in different and unknown countries and facing the need to rebuild life for themselves and their children.

Together with our partners, we bring together various specialists working directly with refugees and asylum seekers for trainings and seminars on current practical issues. Volunteer trainings are also held to discuss topics such as the personal and community meaning of volunteering, as well as practical actions that can help the volunteer.

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