“Give Hope”

Funding organization: UNICEF Bulgaria

Duration: 01/04/2022 – 31/12/2022
Beneficiaries: Women, men and children displaced by the war in Ukraine.
Overall objective: This project allows the deployment of several experts from the CRWB in the different places of Sofia where people victims of the war in Ukraine need support. With the « Give Hope » project, we also are able to collect all the donations our generous donors make and to distribute to women and children from Ukraine first needs supplies, hygiene products, baby diapers and milk as well as food for families. Give Hope also seeks to restore hope to those who have had to flee their homes, leaving their lives behind to survive. This flight, in a war context, is obviously generating a lot of anguish, stress and trauma that the Give Hope project seeks to address through the deployment of our psychologists to the Ukrainian war displaced population.
Specific objectives:
• Identify and immediatly supporte the emergency situations that may have been created by the war context;
• Provide information about health symptoms Ukrainian refugees may have, as well as humanitarian in-kind aid;
• Protect, prevent and improve psychological conditions and resorb war-trauma through the provision of psychological consultations to families and children at risk;
• Providing access to basic medical services, translation and accompaniment to specialists.
Activities: The project envisages activities related to improving the physical, psychological and material condition of the beneficiaries, prevention of certain physical or mental illnesses, provision of necessary medicines, humanitarian aid and information necessary for their protection. The activities are diverse and go from the provision of health leaflets Russian and Ukrainian, the conduction of primary vulnerability assessment, referrals to emergency services, donations distributions, short-term psychological support to the trainings of volunteers mobilized since the beginning of the conflict.

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