Vaccines and vaccination records in children’s health care

Health care for children is one of the main priorities in working with refugees and asylum seekers. The problems health professionals are facing in their work with children are mainly rooted in insufficient or completely missing information regarding the health history of the child and the necessary vaccinations.

In the countries where the main migration flow comes from, vaccination records are often different and compliance with our healthcare system is difficult to be achieved. Refugees and asylum seekers often do not bring any documents when they enter the country and don’t know what vaccines their children already have, which is a serious obstacle to further socialization and adaptation. Lack of vaccines makes it impossible to enroll them in daycare and schools, and this inevitably leads to forced isolation, which can be detrimental to children’s mental and emotional health.

The planned activities to improve access to health services are part of the project “Comprehensive Integration Support for Legally Residing Third-country Nationals”. The project is implemented jointly with the team of Caritas Sofia and also includes activities related to education, employment and integration into society.

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