“Special help for special peоple”

Budget Donor: UNICEF Bulgaria
Duration: 28/10/2019 – 30/09/2020

Beneficiaries: Refugees and asylum seekers who are most vulnerable – single women, single mothers/parents, children, elderly people, big families, children and adults with disabilities
Objectives: To provide direct support to the most vulnerable beneficiaries through the so-called Vulnerability Fund
Activities: Covering of urgent medical expenses, social expenses – kindergarden fees, food, prevention of homelessness, cases regarding children at risk of violence and or negligence, both in family or school/social environment, etc.

Help us by supporting our cause!

The need has faces, but no nationality. The manner of donation is as important as the act itself. Solidarity only makes sense when emotions are combined with reason and trust is not broken, but preserved and stimulated.

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