“NEMO – Using the New Media in Education to Overcome Migrant Discrimination Online”

Budget Donor: EU Commission/AMIF 2017/Integration of third countries nationals

Duration: 01/02/2019 – 31/01/2021

Leading organization: Arci Solidarieta (Italy)

Partners: Unitov (Italy), Ares 2.0 (Italy), Sudwind (Austria), Radio Afrika TV (Austria), Center for Sustainable Community Development (Bulgaria), Urban Prod (France), Afrikaert (Hungary), CRWB (Bulgaria)

Beneficiaries: Students (in schools), teachers, student’s families, schools, institutions, migrants and refugees

General objective: The project aims to combat stereotypes against third-country nationals (TCNs) focusing on the multiplying role played by online information and communication through an awareness raising and training process addressed at young people approaching the online environment to guide them to the conscious and balanced use of online communication and information about the migratory phenomenon and TCNs.

Specific objectives:

  • To gain a better understanding on the use of digital media by young adolescents, in particular in relation to the spread of biased news and discriminatory behaviours;
  • To raise awareness of key agencies (parents and teachers/schools environment) about discrimination of TCNs on new media (social media and Internet) and make them aware of the crucial role they play to support the child in facing the phenomenon;
  • To deliver to the educational environment of the European Countries an innovative, effective and robust methodology and tools able to fight discrimination to TCNs with an evidence-based and participated approach;
  • To stimulate the change of behaviours in territories and social environment where integration appear to be really challenging involving both migrant and non-migrant parents;
  • To promote parents, especially mothers’, migrants participation in children’s school life because integration also encompass visual contacts. Online behaviours and critical attitudes towards biased information can be enhanced by daily human interactions.

Activities: CRWB is partner with the following activities:

  • Focus groups with students, teachers, parents;
  • Creation of toolkit – good practices on creation of video interviews with migrants and refugees.

Project site: https://project-nemo.eu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectnemo.europe

Instagram: project-nemo.eu

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