“Led by Her”

Funding organization: UNHCR Bulgaria
Duration: 01/10/2022 – 31/12/2022
Beneficiaries: Refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of temporary protection, women between 18 and 60 years old.
Overall objective: In the same way that CRWB was founded almost 20 years ago thanks to 9 refugee women and the support of partnering organizations, the Led by Her project of CRWB pursues today the ambition to empower refugee women in Bulgaria and better their endurance. It aims to develop the professional skills necessary to strengthen the independence of refugee women and to support their integration process. The Led by Her project activities will allow beneficiaries to generate opportunities and get acquainted with the country’s professional environment, while assessing the obstacles they encounter in the development of their projects.
Activities: Through this project, the CRWB will conduct professional skills workshops designed to promote the professional autonomy of the beneficiaries, external activities to meet the leaders of the labor market in Bulgaria, as well as conducting a study on the obstacles encountered by the beneficiaries in pursuing their professional aspirations.
If you are a refugee woman, an asylum seeker or a beneficiary of temporary protection and you would like to share your experience about your job search or your professional career in Bulgaria, we invite you to fill in this questionnaire in order to carry out the statistical study of the “Led by Her” project on the professional obstacles faced by refugee women: (link)

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