“Community Support to Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Bulgaria – 2022”

Funding organization: UNHCR Bulgaria
Duration: 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2022

Beneficiaries: Asylum seekers, refugees and war-displaced nationals coming from Ukraine

General objective: As a continuity of our 2020 project with UNHCR, this project seeks to facilitate the process of social adaptation/integration of beneficiaries of international protection (BIPs) and asylum seekers through advocacy interventions on individual level and provision of humanitarian aid focusing on most vulnerable groups, with a focus for the war-displaced Ukrainians nationals in a very specific context.
Project Goals:

  • To improve the integration and adaptation of refugees and asylum seekers;
  • To improve their physical, psychological and material conditions and to prevent the onset of certain physical or mental illnesses;
  • To provide them with the information necessary for their protection and fair treatment and access to the law;
  • To provide them with the basic supplies needed in emergency situations;
  • To strengthen the capacity of partners NGOs and volunteers to carry out humanitarian emergency situations.
    Activities: The project envisages activities related to improving the physical, psychological and material condition of the beneficiaries, preventing the occurrence of certain physical or mental illnesses, providing information necessary for their protection, fair treatment and access to law, as well as professional trainings.

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