Моето име е Мохадес Мирзаи, на 25 години, родена в град Кабул, Афганистан. По професия съм пилот на самолет.

Еxhibition “I Am Here”

The exhibition “I Am Here” presents the portraits of women who cross boundaries and have built an entirely new life. By revealing their strength and identity, each of these women is an example of resilience and adaptability, determination and dignity. By crossing their personal limitations, they break stereotypes and present us with new perspectives for development. Their stories intertwine in the unified theme of “I Am Here,” which is a statement of asserting their position in society and a call for respect and acceptance of everyone’s differences. These women make us witnesses to change and teach us to pursue our dreams. Each of them reveals the limitless possibilities of human nature.

The exhibition is a joint project with Ivan Shishev – a photographer, publicist, and traveler. He is the author of the largest photography project in Bulgaria, ” Sketches of Sofia,” followed by over 340,000 people on social media. Ivan captures various places, people, and moments from the capital with his camera. Some of them are familiar to many, others not, but all are united by the beautiful picture captured by his lens.

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The need has faces, but no nationality. The manner of donation is as important as the act itself. Solidarity only makes sense when emotions are combined with reason and trust is not broken, but preserved and stimulated.

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