Radostina Belcheva

The professional experience of Radostina Belcheva with the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria has started back in 2014. “Along with the social mediation team, our partners, donors, and volunteers, we`ve been through a lot of challenges and transformations, but we`ve never lost our focus – the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria. People who have found the legal way, as well as those who have risked their lives in order to escape political repression, poverty and war, to join their families, or to have better educational opportunities or chances on the labour market. In general, to aim for better living.

In search of adherents and partners along the way of equality and social inclusion of the CRWB beneficiaries, the organization has joined the international network SIRIUS which main target is to encourage, develop and apply series of policies and measures for social justice in the field of education, integration and fight against all kinds and acts of discriminative manner.

Aside from her major professional cause – the sustainable long-term development of CWRB, over the last five years Radostina has also actively managed and coordinated various local and international projects. On a personal level, she defines herself as responsible lady, with strong values and sense of just and good. In her free time, she often participates in different initiatives and campaigns in favor of animals and animal rights. She is proud to be the mother of a truly cool and inspiring teenager.

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