Advocacy Activities

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Cases which enter the organization are often Програмата за социална медиация или чрез Програмата за хуманитарна подкрепаcomplex, multilevel, and the work process requires looking for solutions and partnering with the rest of the organizations in the field, as well as with other NGOs, community based social services providers and institutions. The multidisciplinary meetings are an effective way to discuss the most important steps in a certain case, to distribute roles and responsibilities and to work towards quick responses regarding emergency needs.eния и сътрудничество, както с останалите организации в сферата, така и с НПО, предоставящи социални услуги в общността. Събирането на оперативно ниво на специалистите, директно работещи с бежанци и търсещи закрила, дава възможност в рамките на една до три работни срещи да се обсъдят най-важните стъпки по даден случай, да се разпределят роли и задачи, и да се работи до бързото постигане на резултати по най-спешните нужди.

The multidisciplinary approach provided space for advocacy interventions to be made on an individual level. The results achieved, as well as the elaborated referral mechanism in individual cases are becoming a good practice and serve as a model for the improvement of interagency collaboration regarding further casework..

Our lobbying activities are related to initiation of constructive proposals for integrational politics on a high level, together with a wide circle of partners and NGOs.

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