Who we are

The „Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria” association, or CRWB, has been established in March, 2003, by refugee women from various countries. Among them was its current Chair – Linda Awanis. On the 17th of March, 2003, CRWB has been officially registered by the relevant local authorities as a non-governmental organization under reg. № 1221/2003. For the next years, the organization supports beneficiaries of international protection in their adaptation and integration process, as well as guides and provides information to asylum seekers. CRWB also supports its beneficiaries through humanitarian aid, social counseling, translation and facilitation during necessary contacts with state and municipal authorities, and information regarding legal rights and obligations.  CRWB takes care of celebrating typical holidays, providing information on countries of origin to hosting society, as well as presenting the Bulgarian culture and customs before the refugee community. 

In 2018, The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria celebrated its 15th anniversary, satisfied with expert work well done, as well as with the constant expansion of the NGO`s scope and the growth of tis positive influence. Only for the last year, CRWB managed to help and improve the lives of 1085 asylum seekers and 722 refugees during the different process of their social adaptation and integration in the Bulgarian society.