Tatyana Milosavljevic

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in IT and a master’s degree in preschool education at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Her empathy, sympathy and desire to support people fleeing the war led her to the “Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria”. Tatyana’s Ukrainian roots deepened her desire to help. Her work as a field social worker at “Blue Dot” turned from a challenge into a mission, the goal of which is to support the most vulnerable people arriving from Ukraine and seeking protection on the territory of Bulgaria. She believes that people going through this difficult period in their lives deserve help. Their pain and need must be supported with faith and with all possible resources. For her, social work is a dedication, in which there’s kindness, responsibility to people’s souls, to their destinies. According to her, building mutual trust and forming an emotional connection are key strategies in the process of working with any person in need of help and support.

In her spare time she likes to travel, explore new destinations and spend time with her family.

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The need has faces, but no nationality. The manner of donation is as important as the act itself. Solidarity only makes sense when emotions are combined with reason and trust is not broken, but preserved and stimulated.