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Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria is a registered non-governmental organization, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, that supports refugee and asylum-seeking women and their families in their journey towards resilience and empowerment. Established in 2003 by 9 refugee women, CRWB is the first refugee-led and women-led organisation of the country that offers humanitarian donations, social and emergency assistance, as well as cultural and empowerment services for refugees, asylum-seekers and Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection. Partner of the United Nations High Commissionner for Refugees since 15 years, CRWB will implement in 2024 the « Empowering Lives » project, funded by UNHCR. This project includes a large range of activities, among which the support to 3,300 refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of temporary protection through social assistance and information provision on services, institutions, rights and opportunities in Bulgaria. The Social Team Manager at CRWB supervises and guides the Social Assistance Program. This role involves overseeing case allocation, providing methodological support to the team, managing human resources, and representing CRWB in cooperative bodies. The Team Manager ensures the effective functioning of the social protection service while prioritizing the psychological well-being of the team.


– Case Allocation Oversight: the Team Manager supervises the allocation of social assistance cases to ensure equitable distribution of workload among social workers. He/she provides guidance for appropriate case allocation, taking into account the specific skills and experiences of each team member.

– Decision-Making for Challenging Cases: the Team Manager makes decisions on the assignment of challenging cases, selecting the most suitable social worker based on their expertise within the team. He/she ensures well-informed, prompt, and fair decision-making for difficult or urgent cases.

– Case Management System Review: the Team Manager is actively involved in CRW case management system review and improvement throughout the first quarters of the project. He/she liaises with UNHCR and the Project Manager to assess ongoing procedures, identify weaknesses and implement revised procedures aiming at providing a high quality social assistance service. 

– Supervision and Guidance: the Team Manager provides supervision and guidance to designated social workers handling difficult or urgent cases. He/she coordinates with project management if necessary to ensure coordinated decision-making. The Team Manager plans team-wide supervisions with an external supervisor to guarantee external methodological support. He/she prioritizes the psychological well-being of the team, recognizing it as a cornerstone of service quality.

– Methodological Support: the Team Manager offers methodological support to the entire team, ensuring adherence to established procedures and internal policies. He/she facilitates the effective and smooth organization of social assistance services.

– Human Resources Management: the Team Manager ensures human resources tasks related to the social team, including recruitment, performance evaluations, and professional development. He oversees team reporting and monitoring to ensure high standards of service delivery.

– Representation in Cooperative Bodies: the Team Manager represents CRWB in relevant cooperative bodies to provide technical expertise and real-time feedback on the evolving social situation in Sofia. He/she contributes to collaborative efforts for improved social services and community support.

– Performance Review: the Team Manager conducts monthly one-to-one meetings with each team member. He/she utilizes these meetings as a platform to discuss individual workloads, address challenges, provide feedback on the case management system, and explore other work-related topics.



– At least 5 years of experience as social assistance coordinator or supervisor. 

– Proven experience with non-governmental associations or national institutions programs. 

– Proven experience of team management in multicultural setting. 

– Experience working with asylum seekers and refugees, especially with women. 


– Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. 

– Certification in management is an asset. 

– Exceptional knowledge of social assistance programs, case managements and human ressources management. 


– Strong organizational and coordination skills. 

– Excellent communication and leadership abilities. 

– Strong ability to manage administrative workload and deadlines. 


This position is a full-time position of 40 hours per week, with 30 minutes for lunch break, based in CRWB central office, in Sofia, Bulgaria, from January 2nd to December 31st, 2024. The Team Manager will benefit from a transport card, a professional telephone and computer. The Team Manager reports its activity to the Project Manager. 


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Application deadline: 05/01/2024

Contact phone: 0878 136 321


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