"Community support to asylum seekers and refugees in Bulgaria"



Budget Donor: UNHCR
Beneficiaries: Asylum seekers and refugees
General objective: The project seeks to facilitate the process of social adaptation/integration of beneficiaries of international protection (BIPs), as well as asylum seekers through expert advocacy interventions on individual level and provision of humanitarian aid focusing on most vulnerable groups.
Specific objectives: In 2021 CRWB will continue to provide a complex assistance to vulnerable beneficiaries (families with more than three children, single parents, family members with disabilities, survivors of violence, elderly people) in order to improve their social situation.

Attention will be paid to the local community in terms of awareness raising regarding refugees through social media publications, provision of information through meetings with individual and corporate donors and engagement of community through donation campaigns. 

- Expert advocacy interventions;
- Development of programs for direct social work with BIPs and asylum seekers;
- Awareness raising and engagement of society;
- Project management.