Multicultural meeting - Let's welcome autumn

Autumn days bring us warmth and many colors, which we saved and turned into gorgeous lamps at our multicultural meeting with representatives of the…View moreПовече

Multidisciplinary meeting - Complex cases

Finding yourself in a new, unknown place, not knowing the language and the principles according to which your new environment works, is undoubtedly a…View moreПовече

Multidisciplinary meeting - When we face a hopeless situation

Sometimes life turns so that we somehow find ourselves in a "Paragraph 22" situation from which there is no logical way out. This is precisely the…View moreПовече

Accompanying to health and educational institutions

  It is undoubtedly difficult for each of us to cope in a new place on our own, but to do it in a completely unknown country, whose system and…View moreПовече

Statistics for the first half of 2021

In the first half of 2021 alone, according to the State Agency for Refugees, there are almost 1,000 people who have been granted humanitarian or…View moreПовече

Multidisciplinary meeting - What is in the best interest of the family?

What to do in case of conflicts between spouses? How do we deal with suspected domestic violence? What is logical to do when both parents have…View moreПовече

Multidisciplinary meeting – when working on particularly complex cases

Sometimes in our work we come across particularly complex cases, which are a real challenge and test for our entire team. Sometimes we just can't do…View moreПовече

Multidisciplinary meeting - opportunities to react in case of fear of domestic violence

In the framework of the project "Comprehensive integration support for legally residing third-country nationals " we held a multidisciplinary meeting…View moreПовече

Vaccines and vaccination cards in health care for children

Health care for children is one of the main priorities in working with refugees and asylum seekers. The problems for the health professionals, while…View moreПовече