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How did it all start?

It all began back in 2002 when the Bulgarian Red Cross started a 3-day course of social orientation in favor of refugees. Around 20 beneficiaries of the organization participated in the course in order to exchange their ideas and experience. One of them is Linda Awanis – the current Chair of the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria Association. She also used to volunteer for Caritas Sofia and to translate from Arabic to Bulgarian twice a week for the Bulgarian Red Cross.


Linda is the one who came up with the idea for the future association, founded in 2003 by a total of nine women from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. This was received with curiosity, but also many questions. Linda shares that leading for her was both the change in the perceptions of the Bulgarian society about the refugee woman and the change in the refugee men about the role and place of the woman in the society. Linda seeks the truth in the middle, strives to build a bridge between values ​​and cultures, to find balance and compromise, the intersections through which to overcome mutual prejudices.

In order to successfully reach a woman in a more traditional and conservative family, the trust of the head of the family - her husband or father - must first be won. That is why the first beneficiaries of the services of CRWB - consultations, direct work, social mediation and humanitarian aid, are men. Over time, they become convinced of the number of benefits to the individual and community from the existence of this type of organization.


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With the support of UNICEF, specialists from the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria, working at the front line, help women and children who have experienced violence to

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