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Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria is a registered non-governmental organization, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, that supports refugee and asylum-seeking women and their families in their journey towards resilience and empowerment. Established in 2003 by 9 refugee women, CRWB is the first refugee-led and women-led organisation of the country that offers humanitarian donations, social and emergency assistance, as well as cultural and empowerment services for refugees, asylum-seekers and Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection. Partner of the United Nations High Commissionner for Refugees since 15 years, CRWB will implement in 2024 the « Empowering Lives » project, funded by UNHCR. This project includes a large range of activities, among which the implementation of a pilot « Empowerment Workshop Program » composed of 9 workshops for women and 3 workshops for men, from January 2nd to June 30th, 2024. These workshops aim at gathering refugees around a recreational activity to discuss, reflect and exchange on gender-equality topics, chosen by the audience. Based on CRW’s longstanding experience in terms of empowerment, this program will create a safe space for women and for men, to raise awareness and improve sensitizations around violence against women, stereotypes, women role in the labor market, within the family or children’s rights, among others. Led by Linda Awanis, Chairperson of CRWB and Refugee Leader among communities in Bulgaria, the program will be coordinated by the Empowerment Program Coordinator, which will play a central role in executing this dynamic initiative focused on fostering women’s empowerment and building a sense of sisterhood. This multifaceted role involves planning, organizing, and executing 12 multicultural empowerment workshops, and contributing to the overall success of the project, from January to June 2024.


– Workshop Planning and Execution: the Empowerment Program Coordinator (EPC) develops by the middle of January 2024 a comprehensive program for 12 multicultural empowerment workshops, including diverse activities such as cooking, painting, traditional crafts, public-speaking, theater classes, music classes, and dancing. He/she ensures workshops are organized bi-monthly, with meticulous attention to detail in logistics and execution.

– Thematic Workshop Content: the EPC collaborates with Linda Awanis, Chairperson, to design and implement workshops with thematic content related to gender equality, addressing topics such as violence, health, reproductive rights, children’s rights, workplace dynamics, family organization, and the role of women in society.

– Inclusive Approach for Men’s Workshops: the EPC adapts the workshop content to thoughtfully encompass the unique challenges faced by men, fostering a meaningful dialogue on topics relevant to their experiences. He/she Coordinate six workshops exclusively dedicated to men, teenagers, or unaccompanied minor boys while maintaining the same thematic content.

– Collaborative Leadership: the EPC facilitates the active involvement of the CRWB Chairperson alongside external contributors, acknowledged experts in relevant fields, during all workshops. He/she collaborates with the Chairperson to create an inclusive and empowering atmosphere for beneficiaries.

– Logistical Planning: the EPC develops a detailed program, including quotes from external contributors and accommodation options, before January 30th, 2023. He/she oversees the logistics of each workshop, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for the 240 beneficiaries.

– Communication Modalities: the EPC liaise with CRW Community Mobilization Officer to organize communication around the workshops toward beneficiaries, but also toward the host community. He/she plans the communication materials to develop and the necessary modalities to implement to produce contents.

– Reporting and Evaluation: the EPC collaborates with the Reporting and Analyst Officer to track, measure, and evaluate the impact of empowerment workshops. He/she provides regular reports on workshop outcomes, participant engagement, and recommendations for improvement.

– Community Building: the EPC fosters a thriving community within the Empowerment Program, encouraging the exchange of experiences, wisdom, and encouragement among participants. He/she contribute to the broader project goals by creating a supportive space for collective progress and empowerment.



– Demonstrated experience in program coordination, workshop planning, and implementation. 

– Experience working with asylum seekers and refugees, especially women and girls is a strong asset. 

– Experience in social work with asylum seekers and refugees, is a strong asset. 

– Working on gender equality issues and ability to address them in diverse cultural contexts is an asset. 


– Bachelor’s degree in relevant field, such as Social Work or Communication. 


– Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. 

– Proven ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders.

– Proven ability to work in a multicultural setting. 

– Mastery of an additional language, such as Arabic or Ukrainian, in addition to Bulgarian, is a great advantage. 


This position is a full-time position of 40 hours per week, with 30 minutes for lunch break, based in CRWB central office, in Sofia, Bulgaria, from January 2nd to June 30th, 2024. The Coordinator will benefit from a transport card, a professional telephone and computer. The Empowerment Program Coordinator reports its activity to the Project Manager. 


Please send your CV to: office@crw-bg.org

Application deadline: 05/01/2024

Contact phone: 0878 136 321


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