“Led by Her”

Funding organization: UNHCR BulgariaDuration: 01/10/2022 – 31/12/2022Beneficiaries: Refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of temporary protection, women between 18 and 60 years old.Overall objective: In the same way that CRWB was founded almost 20 years ago thanks to 9 refugee women and the support of partnering organizations, the Led by Her project of CRWB pursues today […]

“Future is a Woman”

Funding organization: UNHCR Bulgaria Duration: 01/10/2022 – 31/12/2022 Beneficiaries: Refugees, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of temporary protection, women victims of or at-risk of gender-based violence Overall objective: Gender-based violence is still a particularly underrated issue, especially among the refugee communities. The image of women is still stereotyped, which doesn’t allow society to open a dialogue […]

“Dressed in GOOD” Campaign

In these cold days, we are announcing our “Dressed in GOOD” campaign for collecting seasonal clothes. Мost suitable would be sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and coats, long pants from denser fabrics, long-sleeves shirts, gloves, scarves, knitted hats, etc., suitable for autimn and winter seasons.Donations can be made in place or sent by courier to our office […]

“DEPART” Project

Funding organization: EU AMIF Programme within the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior Duration: 01/01/2022-30/11/2024 Beneficiaries: Migrants and refugees, policy-makers and practitioners Main goal: Developing Effective Policies for migrants and refugees through SAT-based (self-advocacy teams) policy making processes (DEPART) aims to contribute to the particular inclusion of migrants and refugees in Member States through the establishment of […]

“Give Hope”

Funding organization: UNICEF Bulgaria Duration: 01/04/2022 – 31/12/2022Beneficiaries: Women, men and children displaced by the war in Ukraine.Overall objective: This project allows the deployment of several experts from the CRWB in the different places of Sofia where people victims of the war in Ukraine need support. With the « Give Hope » project, we also […]

Maryna Kirova

Social Worker with Ukrainian and Russian – Office 2