Our Team

Linda Auanis /Chairperson/

Linda Auanis was born in Iraq and completed her education there. In 1994, she came to Bulgaria. After encountering much difficulty in her life as a refugee, in 2002 Linda Auanis founded the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria and began actively supporting people who, like her, are forced to seek new, better life in a foreign country.
She has participated in many seminars and trainings with the Bulgarian Red Cross, Supreme Commissariat for Refugees in the UN, dealing with realizing the objectives and activities of CRWB. She speaks Assyrian, Arabic, English and Bulgarian languages.
Ehlibeyte Mehmetay /Coordinator of social workers/
Ehlibete Mehmetay has three years of experience as a volunteer in the Refugee-Migrant Services of the Bulgarian Red Cross. In 2008, she began work with the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria as a social work associate, and has worked as a coordinator of social workers in the organization since the beginning of 2014. She has taken part in many seminars and training dealing with integration and adaptation of refugees in Bulgaria and abroad. She speaks Albanian, Turkish and Bulgarian languages.
Radostina Belcheva /Public funds expert/
Radostina Belcheva is a “Psychology” graduate of New Bulgarian University. In the past 10 years, she has actively coordinated and managed different national and international project, and has provided individual consultation to children and families.