The “Welcome to the Bulgarian School 2018” campaign supported by the American student Yana Lazarova – Weng

Yana (4).2

On August 24, our office was visited by Mrs. Tsvetelina Lazarova and her daughter, Yana Lazarova-Weng. Both live in the United States but have not lost contact with Bulgaria. Yana is 17 years old and studies at Brookline High School. As a child from a family with two different cultures – Bulgaria and China, she has the opportunity to travel around the world. Besides being curious about everything new and different, Yana is sensitive to the problems that affect the countries in the Middle East. She organizes fundraising campaigns among her fellow students and friends and her family actively supports her.

Yana is our guest for the second time. Last year she was here with her father and her younger sister to hand out a money donation, books and educational materials to refugee children.

This year’s she chose to support our “Welcome to the Bulgarian School 2018” campaign. The donation of the girl will help for a successful start in the new school year of children from refugee families.

In addition to helping refugee children, through a volunteer club that she leads, Yana supports other causes – she helps adult lonely people, wildlife campaigns, and more.

We thank her for the enthusiasm and help and wish her success!