Social mediation

The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria supports its beneficiaries with Programs for direct work with refugees and asylum seekers, including areas such as Social Mediation and Humanitarian Assistance.

Social Mediation

The CRWB social mediators are representatives of the Bulgarian culture and of the Middle-Eastern culture as well. They are speakers of Arabic, Farsi, English; they undergo a mandatory internal training when contracted and undergo regular additional trainings on topics such as: humanitarian context in social work with persons coming from countries of armed conflicts; protection of children at risk; difficulties in social adjustment; measures in cases of domestic violence and gender based violence; reactions in a crisis situation, creating a safety plan, etc.  Part of the social mediation team is based in the Registration and Reception Centers of the State Agency for Refugees with the Council of Ministers in Sofia city.

The Program was functioning through. This program allows the asylum seekers to have direct access to social support in terms of translations and facilitation of everyday communication, accompanying to medical and health specialists, social counseling and provision of information, coverage of expenses related to health and social emergencies for vulnerable persons.

The same type of social support is provided to beneficiaries of international protection who have settled to live in the country. They are supported in their efforts to adjust in a different and unknown to them social, health and educational system. The social mediators provide counseling and information in cases related to education – entering school or kindergarten, registration in the National security system, provision of information and access to community based social services.