Private donors

Снимка: Д.Кашавелов

The foundation of our activity is the idea that one of the most natural human impulses, coded in our social being, is the impulse to help. This is precisely what we do, support people who have been forced to seek new opportunities of life, because their existence was at risk. Families left without a home, far from anything familiar, in a foreign country with a language they do not understand. All these people have left is the strength of their spirit.

In order to help them revive their lives and set the foundations of their new and better future, we need your support.

Support our cause with:
In-kind donations – clothes, shows, blankets, kitchen utensils, furniture and anything necessary for a new beginning.
Food products – non-expired packaged foods, with a document of origin/receipt, which can be stored outside a refrigerator a long time – beans, lentil, pasta, sugar, salt, oil, etc. Baby food – formula and baby pap.
Money donations – the amount you donate will be spent on an activity specified by you and set down in a donation contract. Once the amount is spent, the donor will receive a full report.
Bank account for donations:

Council of refugee women in Bulgaria

Bank  “DSK” ЕАD

IBAN     BG75STSA93000020753054