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The dangerous route to better education

Nedin (17) and Salima (16) arrive in Bulgaria in November 2016 and together with their mother, three sisters and three brothers are accommodated in…View moreПовече

A chance for a second life

Aya (4) arrives with her mother and two brothers in Bulgaria in the summer of 2016. For almost 9 months they live in one of the Registration and…View moreПовече

Escape route from the park

Karim, (33 years old), his wife Java, (27 years old) and their two sons Hadi (5 years old) and Hamdi (3 years old) were accommodated in one of the…View moreПовече

American Student Yana Lazarova - Weng with a Donation Campaign for Children - Refugees in Bulgaria

Her name is Yana Lazarova-Weng and she is from Boston, Massachusetts. She is 16 years old and she is a rising junior in Brookline High School. His…View moreПовече