Multidisciplinary meeting - When we face a hopeless situation

Submitted by Dessi on Fri, 09/03/2021 - 14:56

Sometimes life turns so that we somehow find ourselves in a "Paragraph 22" situation from which there is no logical way out. This is precisely the case of one of our beneficiaries, for whom a multidisciplinary meeting was held with several partner organizations and institutions.

Although we have repeatedly tried to deal with the situation, it is significantly complicated by the serious mental and health problems of the beneficiary, who has lost his identity documents and is currently homeless. The lack of options for registration at a specific address leads to the impossibility of obtaining documents and from there - receiving health care and support from specialists, accommodation and access to necessary medicines.

The established stalemate requires long-term cooperation in the case from the participating organizations, and it is envisaged to seek the intervention of a higher institution.

The multidisciplinary meetings we hold are part of the project "Comprehensive integration support for legally residing third-country nationals", which is implemented jointly with the team of Caritas Sofia and includes other activities related to education, employment and integration into society.