A multidisciplinary meeting

Submitted by Dessi on Wed, 08/26/2020 - 10:26

Today, the first multidisciplinary meeting, part the project “Comprehensive Integration Support for legally residing citizens of third countries” took place. During the joint working meeting, representatives of the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria (CRWB), UNHCR Bulgaria, the State Agency for Child Protection, school psychologists and pedagogists, discussed specific cases for which social and integration services are provided via different channels. The diversity of viewpoints and the combination of experts facilitated identification of the needs and adequate measures to support the families. “The adaptation and integration of refugees is a complex process and it requires a coordinated approach”, shared Linda Awanis, Chairperson of CRWB. In the frame of the project, which is implemented jointly with Caritas Sofia, numerous activities for improving the access to social and health services, education, job market, development of social and life skills and active participation and social inclusion.