„Welcome to the Bulgarian school - 2020“ Campaign

Submitted by Dessi on Mon, 08/03/2020 - 14:02

It's still summer, but for us this does not mean forgetting about one of our main and most meaningful goals and objectives - integration through education.

It is the children of our beneficiaries who are the fastest to learn the language, the first to find friends, the easiest to adapt to the new environment and to find their place in our society. This is possible only when they attend school equal with the Bulgarian children.

For several years now, our efforts have focused on supporting the enrollment of refugee children in school, as well as on providing them with the necessary supplies and accessories.
A month and a half before one of the brightest and most festive days for us - the first school day, September 15, we would like to ask you to participate in our campaign with what is possible for you.

How to get involved?

☑️ Make a material donation

The things the students need are the following:
- notebooks: with narrow and wide lines, with small and large squares, small and large format;
- fulmasters, water and tempera paints, pencils, pastels;
- compasses, lines, conveyors, pens;
- school bags, tracksuits, rucksacks, sneakers and sports shoes.

Donations of school supplies and accessories are accepted until September 30. You can send them by courier at your expense or bring them to the office of CRWB at: 1000 Sofia, 95 Ekzarh Yosif Str., Every weekday from 9:00 to 17:00.

☑️ Make a monetary donation

to the account of CRWB in DSK Bank EAD, IBANBG75STSA93000020753054, BICSTSABGSF


via PayPal, following the DONATE NOW button on our website: http://crw-bg.org/na-kogo-pomagame

In the payment basis, please provide a reference to the campaign: "School".

If you donate via PayPal, do not forget to write the name of the organization as the recipient: Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.

☑️ Share

Share information about the campaign on social networks or tell about it to your acquaintances and relatives.

☑️ Why participate?

Support the "Welcome to the Bulgarian School - 2020" campaign because:

- Every child has the right to education and deserves to have their exciting memories of school;

- For refugee children and their families, education is a key factor and prerequisite for their successful adaptation and integration into our society;

- The families of refugee children are not able to provide the necessary school supplies required in school, which proves to be an obstacle to attending school.

Together we can give a chance to over 160 children from refugee families to learn Bulgarian, to discover new horizons and to expand their knowledge of the world around them, to develop their potential, to communicate with their Bulgarian classmates and to make friends.

We look forward to seeing you by September 30, 2020!

Let us give refugee children the opportunity to cross the threshold of the Bulgarian school together with their peers, to gain knowledge and to meet friends in order to be successfully included in our society.

For contacts: +359 876 766 588