An opening event

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On the 5th of September, the Sofia Youth Laboratory for Innovation hosted the opening event of the project "Comprehensive integration support for legally resident third country nationals", organized by Caritas Sofia and the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria. During the event, guests and media representatives were introduced to the project's goals and activities.

The main objective of the project is to achieve successful integration of third-country nationals in Bulgarian society through active inclusion and inclusion in all aspects of social, economic and cultural life in the country. The project contains a program aimed at building the capacity for successful integration of third-country nationals and improving access to social and health services, employment, developing social and life skills, empowering and promoting active participation in society, combined with approaches to changing the negative attitudes among the host society. The main activities of the project include work on the following priority areas of the National Refugee Integration Program in Bulgaria and the Action Plan on the Integration of Third-Country Nationals: providing information; education and training in Bulgarian; employment and labor market integration; social assistance and access to services; active participation and social inclusion. The services are aimed at third-country nationals who are legally resident in the Republic of Bulgaria or who have applied for one form of international protection. The project will include a minimum of 2,800 people accommodated at the Registration and Reception Centers of the State Agency for Refugees in Sofia and Harmanli, as well as living at external addresses in Sofia.

The planned activities are directed in several directions. Provision of practical assistance for the realization of rights and obligations, facilitating access to social, health and other services by providing social mediation and counseling, translation and interpretation.
 Building the necessary social and life skills and competences to realize the labor market in Bulgaria is essential for third-country nationals, as well as creating competencies to realize the potential and improve it by promoting entrepreneurship among them.

Provision of psychological assistance and emotional support for improving the mental health of asylum seekers. Trauma from violence and escape often leads to a state of addiction to painful memories, loss of control over one's life, loss of direction. Within the project, sessions will be held with parents to clarify the specifics of the education system in Bulgaria. In order to prepare children for their successful integration into society, it is necessary for all of them to be involved and motivated in the educational process.

Responsible Authority:
International Projects Directorate - Ministry of the Interior