"Dressed in GOOD" Campaign

Submitted by admin on Fri, 08/16/2019 - 16:34

Our summer clothing collection campaign continues. Refugees and asylum-seekers are in need of clothing every season. The lack of work and financial resources puts them in a position to seek support from our organization. Last week, our colleagues from Reception Centre in Harmanli contacted us asking us to provide men's summer clothing - t-shirts, pants, shoes and more, of all sizes. New Arrivals are accommodated at Reception Centre in Harmanli, whose only clothing is the one they traveled all along. The CRWB relies entirely on corporate and private donors, thus ensuring that the immediate needs of refugees and asylum seekers are covered.

Traditionally, the children's and women's clothing we receive and distribute among our beneficiaries exceeds significantly the number of men's clothing and it is difficult to be equally useful to all our beneficiaries.

Having new or preserved men's clothing suitable for the season or being able to share our request will help a lot of the newly arrived refugees and the asylum seekers we work with.