The dangerous route to better education

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Nedin (17) and Salima (16) arrive in Bulgaria in November 2016 and together with their mother, three sisters and three brothers are accommodated in one of the Registration and Reception centers of the State Agency for Refugees in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nedin’s family has been running from their home country Afghanistan which is suffering from chronic instability and conflicts with its economy and infrastructure in ruins. After spending 8 years trying to find a life for themselves in Iran, in 2016 the family undertakes a very dangerous journey through Turkey.

During a dangerous journey from Turkey to Bulgaria the girls lose their father. After spending several days in a forest he had a heart attack and passed away. In the very first days in the refugee center in Sofia one of the CRWB social mediators was assisting the family regarding the loss of their father. 

Later on Nadin and her siblings were enrolled in a Bulgarian school and started following their dream of having the opportunity for education. Another one of our social mediators was a mentor for Nadine and Salima in a writing contest they took part in. Thanks to their common efforts, the girls wrote two essays to participate in the contest.

Currently the family is still living in the refugee center in Sofia and Nedin is now moving to a profiled high school to study Fashion and Design.


 We want to stay here because we can go to school and we have met people like Vyara (CRWB social mediator) who are helping us. We feel safe now after everything we have lost in our lives“, shared Nedin.