NEMO project partners meeting

Part of our team is in Vienna regarding the work on the "NEMO - Using the New Media in Education to Overcome Migrant Discrimination Online" project…View moreПовече

Training of the "Bulgaria Donates" initiative

On February 6, a part of the CRWB team participated in introductory training of the "Bulgaria Donates" initiative. Our "Save Life!" campaign …View moreПовече

Press conference at Bulgarian News Agency

On 04.02.2020, Linda Awanis, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of CRWB, participated in a press conference regarding the launching of the project…View moreПовече

Accompaniment to healthcare facilities

People who come to our office daily are descended from countries where hostilities take place. The long journey of refugees passes through several…View moreПовече

Access to education

Globally, only 61% of refugee children and 23% of teenagers attend school. The reasons are complex, including: - gaps in their education that make…View moreПовече

Women helping women to integrate in Bulgaria

Employment is a key component in the integration process of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.  Migrant women, because of the traditions in their…View moreПовече

Christmas mood at Sofia Bread House

Today there was a Christmas mood at Sofia Bread House! 14 children made Christmas cookies together. The kids drew their wishes for the new year,…View moreПовече

We wish you bright holidays!

Best wishes from the CRWB team.View moreПовече

We finish the year with a sense of satisfaction

Each month, about 250 refugees and asylum seekers come to our office for help and support. In addition to humanitarian assistance, we also provide…View moreПовече