A multidisciplinary meeting

Today, the first multidisciplinary meeting, part the project “Comprehensive Integration Support for legally residing citizens of third countries”…View moreПовече

Our new storehouse for humanitarian aid

📣 We have a new storehouse for humanitarian aid! 📣 Over the last three weeks, our team's schedule has been extremely varied and overcrowded. The…View moreПовече

Аn online survey

  UNHCR Bulgaria is piloting an online survey of the needs of applicants who have received international protection by age, gender and social group…View moreПовече

A Multidisciplinary Meeting

Today, a multidisciplinary meeting was held regarding the better adaptation and integration of two school-age refugee children. The meeting was…View moreПовече

"My memory" at Sofia Bread House

On February 22, at Sofia Bread House, it smelled of freshly baked bread again! This time, the joint bread making was between students in grades 10,…View moreПовече

Group supervision

On February 21st, a regular monthly supervision was held at the office of the CRWB with the participation of the CRWB and Caritas Sofia teams under…View moreПовече

Consultations about the law

When the refugees and asylum seekers come to our office, they expect in addition to social counseling, translation and accompaniment to various…View moreПовече

A Charity Exhibition

Today, at the Sredets Cultural Center at 2A Krakra Street from 11am to 4pm, the first joint exhibition of Ibtisam Falah Hassan (from Iraq) and…View moreПовече

"Speed Dating with a Cause"

Today, part of our team attends a very interesting and useful event initiated by the Corporate and Social Responsibility Department of VMWare…View moreПовече