Humanitarian assistance

The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria supports its beneficiaries with Programs for direct work with refugees and asylum seekers, including areas such as Social Mediation and Humanitarian Assistance.

Humanitarian Assistance

At CRWB refugees and asylum seekers can receive basic necessities, according to their individual social situation. Within the frames of our humanitarian program, they have access to regular donations of clothes, shoes, blankets, cosmetics, baby products, children’s toys, school materials and supplies, kitchen and household supplies. Target campaigns for the gathering of specific donations are organized to provide access to food products, baby formula and cereals, small furniture, cleaning products, etc. We conduct researches on a regular basis, so that we are able to define all current needs and address them in a suitable manner.

Newcomer asylum seekers, unaccompanied children, as well as persons in a difficult social, health and economic situation are considered with priority in the program –separated or widowed parents, persons, who have lost their close relatives and are living alone, families with more than three children, elderly persons and children with severe medical and psychological traumas.

The donations in the Program are made both by big corporate donors – manufacturers and importers, as well as by individual donors – people who share their belongings and income in order to contribute to the CRWB target donation campaigns. Private individuals respond to our campaigns willingly, as well as big company employees as an internal initiative, or the company management itself with a corporate donation that covers current needs. Our humanitarian program expands way beyond our association and team, it proves that our society is actually much more willing to accept and help people who are different, than what we often see in the social and audio-visual media.

Our final purpose is to minimize this program in time, until finally it would not be a necessity anymore. What does this mean? Our beneficiaries would be integrated successfully in the local society in a way that allows to overtake full care of themselves and their families and to contribute for the development of our economy.