Тhe experts in the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria work in the area of Social Mediation as well as Lobbying and Advocacy. They develop and conduct internal trainings for the staff, specific external trainings for professionals, design new activities within the organization regarding advocacy on individual cases, design and implement internal methodology for case work, with special focus on cases of gender-based violence, children at risk and single parents.

CRWB is focused on topics such as gender equality, awareness raising, gender-based violence and the right of the survivors to receive help; consequences for the perpetrators. Special attention is paid in cases involving children. Internal guidelines were developed regarding cases of violence, based on gender or origin, domestic violence, physical, psychological or sexual violence. The association team works with their beneficiaries based on these internal documents – both directly by providing mediation and consulting, and indirectly, by informing the relevant state authorities when required.

The CRWB team of experts develops internal methodology to include social assessment, needs prioritization, individual plan for work and scope of referrals. The team of social mediators is guided by this methodology. It takes into consideration cultural differences, background history of traumatic experience, as well as the unique current situation of people who are settled to live in a different and unknown country, facing the necessity of building a new life for their children and themselves.

 Together with our partners, we gather various specialists who work directly with refugees and asylum seekers, for trainings and seminars on actual topics of our practice.

We also conduct regular trainings for volunteers, where we discuss topics such as the personal and community meaning of voluntary work, as well as activities and behaviors via which a volunteer could be truly helpful in practice.