Current needs

The "Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria" brings to the attention of its donors and people supporting its activities a summary of a research conducted among persons who have received international protection in Bulgaria and who live in the city of Sofia.

A research of humanitarian and social needs of refugees, April, 2019

21 surveys were conducted in which the needs of 41 adults and 38 children were examined.

1. Household needs: hygiene, washing and cleaning products.

2. Seasonal ladies' and men's clothing, seasonal shoes, underwear.

3. Needs related to children:

3.1. Babies 0-3 years - milk, baby foods, diapers, cosmetics

3.2. Children 3-7 years - clothes, shoes, toys

3.3. Children 7-14 years - clothes, shoes, sportswear and sneakers, backpacks.

4. Social Needs:  assistance for finding a course in Bulgarian language (75%); job search (55%); escort to a medical facility (45%); kindergarten enrollment (30%).

5. Needs stated by women: accompanying a mediator on various issues; discussion of child-rearing topics; social gatherings.

6. Difficulties in their adaptation in Bulgaria refugees encounter in: difficulties to find a job - the job is short-term and low paid; communication in the school system; language barrier; transportation in the city; a different appearance (veil) that provokes unpleasant looks and makes them feel uncomfortable.


Research period: 01.02.2019 15.04.2019