2019 Campaigns

"Save Life!" Campaign

Hello friends and followers! “Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria” launches “Save Life!” campaign on the Platformata.bg.  Recently, we have…View moreПовече

"Dressed in GOOD" Campaign

 With the comming of the fall season, our campaign continues to garner new and preserved clothing for the cold months. We accept jackets, coats,…View moreПовече

„Welcome to the Bulgarian school - 2019“ Campaign

Summer is still in its infancy, but for us this does not mean forgetting one of our main and most meaningful goals and objectives - integration…View moreПовече

"Dressed in GOOD" Campaign

Our summer clothing collection campaign continues. Refugees and asylum-seekers are in need of clothing every season. The lack of work and financial…View moreПовече

“Welcome Home” Campaign

In May, 2019, our partner Caritas Sofia introduced us to a refugee family – a mother with her two daughters. After losing the father in the family,…View moreПовече

Let’s give back the smiles of the Ahmadi family!

“I want to be healthy to take care of myself and my relatives and one day to have my own family.” Mohammad is 20 years old - a young man who…View moreПовече