"Dressed in GOOD" CAMPAIGN

The need of raising donations of new or preserved second hand seasonal clothes for men, is always on our beneficiaries' list. Since our organization…View moreПовече

"Dressed in GOOD" CAMPAIGN

Mid-summer season it became evident to us that there's a need for new or well preserved seasonal men's clothing. Our organization is one of the small…View moreПовече

"Sometimes the little is much" Campaign

This spring, among the most urgent needs of our beneficiaries is the need for kitchen utensils! Very often people who start their life in Bulgaria…View moreПовече

"Dressed in GOOD" Winter Campaign

On today's cold and snowy day, we announce that from February 1 we start the traditional winter campaign to recruit new and preserved clothes. At the…View moreПовече

"Donate Christmas Spirit" Campaign

❄️❄️❄️ This December, when it is cold and gloomy outside and the country is in a lockdown, most of us are looking forward to the holidays when we…View moreПовече

Joint campaign with Multi Kulti Collective

Do you want to make a small Christmas gesture together? Do you personally, or your organization, have an old working laptop or PC? If yes - why don't…View moreПовече

"Dressed in GOOD" Autumn Campaign

CRWB announces a campaign for collecting men's clothes for the autumn / winter season! Our organization is one of the few that provides year-round…View moreПовече

„Welcome to the Bulgarian school - 2020“ Campaign

It's still summer, but for us this does not mean forgetting about one of our main and most meaningful goals and objectives - integration through…View moreПовече

"Dressed in GOOD" Summer Campaign

☀️ With the onset of the astronomical summer, our campaign continues with the recruitment of new and preserved clothes suitable for the summer season…View moreПовече