„Welcome to the Bulgarian school - 2019“ Campaign

Submitted by admin on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 16:32

Summer is still in its infancy, but for us this does not mean forgetting one of our main and most meaningful goals and objectives - integration through education. For a consecutive year, the Council of Refugee Women organized a campaign among corporate and private donors to raise all the necessities for future first-graders, who will for the first time cross the threshold of the Bulgarian school, as well as for students from the upper classes. The need for a comprehensive socio-pedagogical reflection on the problem of introducing refugee children into the education system is linked to one circumstance, namely that migrant children have become so unwittingly. The decision to change residence is made without the participation of the children, but the complicated path of adaptation to the new socio-cultural environment is passed by each child alone. It is the children of our beneficiaries who are the quickest to learn the language, the first to find friends, the easiest to adapt to the new environment, overcoming a number of difficulties and finding their full place in our society. This is possible only when they attend school on an equal basis with Bulgarian children.

For several years now our efforts have been focused on supporting the enrollment of refugee children in school, as well as providing them with the tools and supplies they need initially.

One and a half months before one of the brightest and most festive days for us - the first day of school, September 15, we would like to address you with a request and you to participate in this our cause with what is possible for you.

The things the students need are the following:

- notebooks: narrow and wide rows, small and large squares, small and large format

- felt-tip pens, water and tempera paints, pencils, pastels

- pergels, lines, protractors, pens

- Bags, track suits, backpacks, running shoes and sports shoes.


Together, let us not forget that education and a broad outlook shape the human in the human.