Let’s give back the smiles of the Ahmadi family!

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“I want to be healthy to take care of myself and my relatives and one day to have my own family.”

Mohammad is 20 years old - a young man who urgently needs your support to live a complete life.

Thе Ahmadi family has three sons. They all live together in southeastern Afghanistan, Ghazni province. As the eldest of the three brothers, Mohammad manages to study only to the second grade and is involved in helping to feed the family, working on farm work.

After the offensive of Taliban fighters, they lose the father - the head of the family, and the mother remains alone with the three boys. The hard times for them do not end. Because of information that hiding weapons of resistance, the eldest brother Mohammad Ahmadi is captured and cruelly tortured. Multiple strokes with an automatic weapon lead to a serious fracture of his right leg.

Immediately after the unfortunate events the family decides to escape to Kabul. There, the boy passes through a surgery, but unsuccessfully.

Recovering from the intervention, Mohammad takes a risky trip to Europe with his mother and his younger brothers.

Today the Ahmadi family is placed in the Registration and Reception Center of the State Agency for Refugees in “Voenna rampa”.

Mohammed's ability to move is severely impaired, his movement is accompanied by severe pain and he is unable to work. As the head of the family, the young man can not take care of his mother and minors, even after they receive international protection. The four want to stay together in Bulgaria, to learn the language, to communicate with more people, and then to start trading.

Mohamad dreams of being able to move normally and to work. “I want to be healthy to care for myself and my family and one day to create my own," - says the young man. His dream could come true, but he needs a foot surgery that worths BGN 6,000 in a hospital in Sofia.

You can turn back the smiles to the faces of the Ahmadi family. You can give a chance for a young man to have a complete life.

Make a targeted cash donation to the account of the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria: DSK Bank EAD, IBAN BG75STSA93000020753054, BIC STSABGSF, for: "Ahmadi’s surgery".


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