Escape route from the park

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Karim, (33 years old), his wife Java, (27 years old) and their two sons Hadi (5 years old) and Hamdi (3 years old) were accommodated in one of the Registration and Reception centers of the State Agency for Refugees in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The ongoing civil war in Syria for almost 6 years now has changed life there in an irreversible way. Karim and Java tell us the story about the moment their life changes forever. Just a day in the park, the boys are playing outside when two men with machine guns come running and start shooting randomly at people. Karim and Java grabbed their children and ran away to a nearby café they used to visit. “We just wanted to find a safe place and to buy the boys duners, to calm them down, when we saw the same two men with the machine guns again running towards the café this time”.

After spending a few months in refugee camps in Turkey, the Anan family crosses the Turkish-Bulgarian border looking for better chances. During the road out of Syria and by the time they arrive in Bulgaria, Karim gets seriously sick. The family faces another obstacle alongside the flashbacks of houses, destroyed by bombing, water coming out of the places they used to be, and human body parts lying around. Karim spends 32 days in a hospital while Java and the boys are alone in the refugee center, facing hardships in their everyday life without Karim.

Karim was accompanied to the hospital for his admission by one of the CRWB social mediators, who also visited him during his stay. Translation and social assistance on a daily basis was provided to Java and the boys in order to manage the hardships they were facing in the refugee center. Karim was also aided through the special vulnerability fund and the provision of medications.

Karim was successfully treated and reunited with Java and the boys. Subsequently they were granted refugee status by the State Agency for Refugees and unlike many families who are leaving Bulgaria to reach Western Europe, the Anan family is now in the CRWB program for social support for refugees living on external address in Sofia.

“Finally we were able to get some rest after being accommodated in Bulgaria and with time we started experiencing again the almost forgotten feeling of safety.”, tells us Java.