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Volunteering – why and how?

Can you even imagine a healthy addiction? We can and we call it volunteering. It`s the way to challenge yourself and grow on a personal level, while supporting a cause that you recognize as your own, to meet new friends and to make your own small contribution for a better world. No one has ever been a one-time volunteer. We can confirm this. And here`s some of the reasons for it…

1. Volunteering breeds creativity. It is the noble method to escape your daily working routine and to get in touch with something new, something unexperienced so far. Undoubtedly, this unlocks new horizons for the imagination, and helps you look beyond the frames of everything familiar in your everyday life. It teaches you agility, soft skills and entrepreneurship approach, that will not only make your manager happy, but will give you the relevant ideas and experience that you will breathe life into your own personal projects as well. And this is not where it all ends… Volunteer experience feeds your overall creative mind and wakes hidden talents and latent potential you weren`t even aware of.  

2. An active relaxation method. Can we agree that we all feel more relaxed after an active vacation, instead of pointless staring at the TV from the couch all day? It is not a coincidence that each one of us is either a mountain hiking enthusiast, or a diver, or a biker, or an amateur photographer, cultural tourism seeker, extreme sport fan, or even a shopping maniac. And if we would like to recharge in an active manner, surrounded by people of the same beliefs and values, and to leave something good behind at the end of the day, then what can be a better way than volunteering?

3. An opportunity to develop professionally and as a team. Volunteering via pro bono services and activities of your professional field of competences is also an option – legal consults for vulnerable groups, designing, engineering and construction of houses for the socially disadvantaged, facilitation and social work with children, PR and marketing strategies for a social start-up, free of charge medical examinations, social kitchen, etc. This way, the volunteers expand their capacity and acquire new job-related skills. Even aside from this hypothesis, the participation in charitable projects adds value to your personal bio. United volunteering initiatives of employees contribute for the team bonds and spirit and raise awareness about the values and mission of the respective company. 

4. Be the person that you expect from the others. How often does it occur to you to see something is not alright and requires some positive change and then to ask yourself the following passive question Ïsn`t there anyone that will do it?”. Yes, there is. And this person is each and every one of us. No one could support our own causes with his own example better than we can, or motivate our friends and relatives to join as well or follow their own volunteer path better than us.


How to become a volunteer? The current dynamic social situation presupposes both a wide variety of NGOs with different areas of activity implementation, as well a lot of international options for volunteering for all willing citizens of Europe and the world, especially for youngsters who would like to give themselves into the bright world of charity and mutual support.


  1. Individual volunteering. With this form of volunteering we find our cause independently and decide to join it – informed by friends, media, social networks, specialized volunteer platforms, or directly from an NGO. You can participate in the identified initiatives just one time, repeatedly, or on a regular basis. If you are aware of the field you`re interested in you can research which are the organizations in your area engaged in such activities and projects and then contact them. Even if they don`t have current volunteer openings, they will keep you in mind in future, or will assist you to contact some other NGO partner to whom you can contribute. It would be best if you consider how to be useful with your education, experience and expertise in advance. If you need to detach from your professional field in general, then your activities can be based related to sorting, ordering and distribution of aid packages; keeping company and assisting elderly people; logistics support; raising assistance dogs, cleaning nature areas, etc.


  1. Organized campaigns. When organizing bigger volunteer campaigns, it is even crucial not to act on your own, but rather to contact the respective NGOs for the field of activities. They can help you choose your particular cause that addresses current social needs, and matches the capacity and competences of the volunteering group. They can also help you with the coordination and project management of the volunteer work, according to their experience. Friends and relatives who like to do charity work can also help the newcomer with guidance. On behalf of the participating volunteers, we would recommend the following: to be prepared in advance with the total number of people in the group, with the timeframe available, and with approximate practical competences required for the activities they would like to join.


We do not need to answer the question “Who?”. Everyone can be a volunteer if they want to. We believe, that there is a cause that is close to the heart of each of us.

If you would like to become a volunteer by the "Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria", please, do not hesitate to contacts us, on the following numbers: +359 8 78 136 231; +359 8 78 136 321; +359 8 76 766 588


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