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КKety Hristova, Intern from March to April 2021

"My internship in the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria was a great opportunity for professional and personal development. Being able to experience the work with refugees first hand is something very valuable for an Arabic studies student like me since for the last couple of years I’ve been learning the Arabic language, civilization and beliefs. Once I became a Council’s intern, I was able to practice everything that I’ve learned and to develop my knowledge and understanding of the Arabic culture. I’m very thankful to the whole team who encouraged me and taught me everything I wanted to know - I felt very welcome and cherished by each and every one of them! Now I could certainly say that there is still a lot of humanity left in us, there is still hope for a better future with equality and respect between us all!" 

сSvetla Peycheva, Intern from March to April 2021 

"I had the chance to pass the last two months in the “Council of the Refugee Women in Bulgaria” as an intern in Marketing and Communication which allowed me to understand first-hand how NGOs operate. I have always believed the NGO sector is an important part of the civil society and this experience definitely confirmed that. Although for quite a short period, this was an opportunity to face diverse issues in the field and to learn from the professional expertise of the team. Thanks to the warmth and the encouragement of the team, I managed to gain new practical and soft skills and to feel as a part of the whole. My experience here would always bring a smile to my face as it showed me what it means to fight for the cause you believe and to constantly make efforts to matter what is being thrown at you."

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