American Student Yana Lazarova – Weng with a Donation Campaign for Children – Refugees in Bulgaria


Her name is Yana Lazarova-Weng and she is from Boston, Massachusetts. She is 16 years old and she is a rising junior in Brookline High School. His mother is Bulgarian and his father is Chinese. Because she comes from two very different cultures, she has gotten the privilege to travel around the world. Besides learning so much about other countries, she has also been able see first-hand all the problems that have affected these countries. She was interested in the problem with Syrian refugees that increased in Europe, especially in smaller countries like Bulgaria. After spending time researching the Syrian refugee crisis in Bulgaria, Yana realized that she would like to help do whatever she can to improve the lives of the refugees, especially the children.


That’s why she initiated her own fundraising campaign among students and friends. In the beginning of September Yana, her younger sister and her father were guests at our office to give away the money donation and some books and educational items for the refugee kids.

I’m trying to plan a couple of fundraisers during the school year to be able to bring more donations next time!”, wrote to us Yana after she came back to USA.